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National Association for China's Peaceful Unification (NACPU) is a 
non-profit organization in Washing, DC,  the Capital of the United 
States of American. The members of the organization mainly come 
from Chinese-Americans and overseas Chinese resided in Greater 
Washington areas, including Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and 
nearby states. 

NACPU firmly supports "One China Principle", which has been 
recognized by United Nations and majority of the countries worldwide, 
including USA. The organization also strongly insists on the 
opposition against the separatism of the nation's territory and 
interest of the China.  Based on the present situation across Taiwan 
strait, NACPU firmly encourages peaceful dialogues and exchanges between 
mainland and Taiwan island in variety of the fields of economy, 
culture, agriculture, strait safety and other non-political issues. 
NACPU also supports a political dialogue under the condition that 
both sites across the Taiwan Strait commit to conform to "One China 

One of the most important objectives of the NACPU is to promote 
the development of the friendship relations between United States 
and China. Both US and China is the great and giant country, and 
plays very important role in the world affairs. Strategical 
long-term cooperation and mutual support between US and China 
in different areas of the world affairs has proved to be beneficial 
to both countries. Separatism in Taiwan is increasingly becoming 
extremely unstable and dangeous factor to threaten the peace in 
Asia-Pacific regions and whole world.  NACPU appeals that US 
government and Congress should insist on our "One China" policy, 
on the opposition against so-called "Taiwan independence" and 
on the no involvement in the possible war across the strait 
caused by the provocation of separatism in Taiwan. We also call 
for not to sell any weapons to Taiwan, which increases the crisis 
across Taiwan Strait and indirectly encourages the separatism.

NACPU also supports the Chinese-Americans  culture and heritage, 
to assist and advance the integration of Chinese-Americans into the 
American mainstream, to promote and advance the general well-being 
of Chinese-Americans, to provide cultural education and social 
assistance to the Chinese-American community, and to actively 
contribute to the American society. 

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